Avy Challenge challenging backcountry snowmobilers to be avalanche prepared

About The Avy Challenge

The Avy Challenge started very simply, while watching some helmet cam video footage of a snowmobile burial and rescue.  The camera rolled for a couple of minutes while the sledder was buried and his friends were looking for him.  You could actually hear the search happening along with the heavy breathing, and a little struggling, of the victim.  I have seen a number of similar videos, but for some reason this one freaked me out.  I put myself in this persons shoes and it wasn't a pleasant experience.  Fortunately, everyone involved were prepared and knew what to do, leading to a good outcome.  After watching that video I swore that I would never ride in the backcountry without being prepared AND ensuring that those I am with are prepared as well.

I thought I would let the world know about my own commitment and extend the opportunity to others as well.  It is a simple thing, but perhaps it will save a life or two (maybe even your own).  If you and/or your fellow riders aren't 100% avy prepared, give it some thought and take the challenge.  If you already practice good backcountry habits, sign your name and let everyone else know what you stand for.

My hope is that this simple effort grows over time and turns into an avalanche preparedness movement, one that leads by example and maybe even exerts a little peer pressure.  I sincerely hope it goes beyond this page and my efforts.  Spread the word in the forums, on Facebook, in your clubs, etc.

If you have any thoughts please feel free to contact me via the "contact us" link at the top of the page.  I have also enabled comments on this page.

Ben Hansen